GlissenGloss™ Braid Ribbon Products



GlissenGloss™ Braid Ribbon products, available in three sizes, are the perfect braids to use when you want to add a touch of flash or sparkle to your projects.

Braid Ribbon #2, #4, and #7 are unique flat tubular braids that bend and twist without buckling, making them perfect for plastic canvas (#2 and #4),  couching and even Battenburg lace.

The 2mm size comes on cards of 10 yards each,  4mm cards have 8 yards, and the the 7mm cards, 4 yards.

The 2mm and 4mm braids are made from 100% metallic.

Braid Ribbon 7mm size is made from 59% viscose, 26% metallic polyester, and 15 % nylon. polyester, all are exceptionally strong and flexible.


All of the Braid Ribbon products are available in 12 exciting colors.

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