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Estaz'® soft core is wrapped with evenly clipped strands to create fullness.

 Estaz® is available in 3 widths 10, 15 and 30mm. Petite, Standard, Grande

Now available Estaz® UV(ulta violet) in 15,30mm

Estaz ®  MetalliqueTM  is a fiber that lends itself to tying of various  brilliant flies and lures.



For the fly-fisherman, the Estaz ®product has gained worldwide recognition for its strength, resilience and its success at catching fish.

Writers such as Dick Talleur,Tim Borski, Bob Popovics, Bob Jaeklin,  Steve Probasco, Fran Verdoliva, Greg Liu and many others call for Estaz® in their books and magazines.

Estaz® lends itself well to the tying of steelhead, bass, and salmon flies. In the less brilliant, natural colors, it is an excellent body choice for tying leeches, Wooly Buggers, and nymphs.

See our fly fishing section for more details.

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