GlissenGloss Metallic Thread Products


TheGlissenGloss metallic collection will add sparkle and interest to all your craft and needlework projects.

The GlissenGloss metallic line consists of  Braid, Estaz, Prizm , Spectrim, Sterling, Glimmer, Luster, and Shimmer .

The collection contains every thing you will need from a fine 2mm Braid, to our Japanese gold, Shimmer.

 Braid  is made from 67% metallic polyester and 33% nylon and comes on 5 yard card.

The Estaz Metallique thread comes in 2 yard lengths and is made from nylon and metallic polyester.

Prizm threads are true holographic threads manufactured from 100% metallic polyester. Prizm  is available in 6 colors and comes 167 yards to a spool, also available on 40 yard cards.

Spectrim is a thin and extremely strong metallic polyester filament available, in shimmering gold and silver. Spectrim comes in spools of 251 yards,  also available on 40 yard cards. 

Glimmer thread is made of 70% viscose, 28% polyester, and 2% silver. It comes in two radiant shades of gold and one dazzling silver. Glimmer comes on 10 yards cards.

 Luster product is  55% metallic polyester and 45% nylon and also comes in 3 sparkling colors on 10 yard cards.

 Shimmer (our Japanese Gold) product is made of 75% viscose, 22% polyester, and 3% silver. It comes 5 yards to a card and is available in 3 eye-catching colors.

These fibers will add the crowning touch to your designs.

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